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Welcome to the world of digital tokens otherwise known as cryptocurrency. Whether a newbie, or an investor, this page contains useful information about VirtacoinPlus.

We recommend reading from the beginning if you are new to cryptocurrency. But investors can jump to main article by clicking the link >>> What is Different About VirtaCoinPlus?

Since the advent of cryprocurency, a lot has happened as Bitcoin's success stories as well as its weakness, led to the emergence of what is known as altcoins. The word “altcoin ” is an abbreviation of “Bitcoin alternative,” and thus describes every single crypto-currency except for Bitcoin.

Altcoins are referred to as Bitcoin alternatives because, at least to some extent, most altcoins hope to either replace or improve upon at least one Bitcoin component.

As at the time of writing this, there are over 800 of altcoins and more appear each day. Most altcoins are little more than Bitcoin clones, changing only minor characteristics such as its transactions speed, distribution method, or hashing algorithm. A typical example of an altcoin is VirtaCoinPlus.

VirtaCoinPlus is an improved version of cryprocurency built for the 3S's (SSS). The 3S's represents Security, Stability, and Speed.

Unlike Bitcoin which is mainly based on Proof of Work and uses SHA-256 hashing algorithm, VirtacoinPlus is a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake cryptocurrency based on X11 hashing algorithm. In case you are wondering what the X-11 algorithm is and why VirtaCoinPlus uses this algorithm, you can find out more on the link X-11 Hashing Algorithm


In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, so far only bitcoin is regarded as the most successful and acceptable cryptocurrency across the world. Many of the altcoins in existence can't boast such feat. They are mostly good for trading as a speculative instrument for quick cash but lacking essential services that'll make them a global success.

However, same is not the case with VirtacoinPlus. VirtacoinPlus is set to push the boundaries in the cryptocurrency economy in no distant future. It was developed with the vision to excel where others are failing.

Below are the 3 major goals of VirtaCoinPlus:

  1. 1. To create a fast, secure, stable, and most acceptable alternative cryptocurrency in the world
  2. 2. To create an equal opportunity for everyone in the world to benefit and as well, be part of the cryptocurrency revolution
  3. 3. To create an alternative platform for ease of business and transactions


To achieve the above goals, machineries have since been set in motion. Below are some of the projects by the VirtacoinPlus community:


One of the major steps taken is the creation of the VirtaLocal Program with the view of reaching possibly every corner of the world and get both educated and uneducated individuals on board so they could tap from the cryptocurrency economy.

The VirtaLocal Program also aims to connect local businesses and individuals with the rest of the world through VirtaLocal agents. The VirtaLocal agents who are to serve as country representatives, will help locals, buy or offer services through the VirtacoinPlus network.

This initiative has already kicked off and is already gaining momentum in countries like United Kingdom, Russia, India, Estonia, Nigeria, Italy, Latvia, Canada, Ghana, Romania, Ukraine and others. For more information about the VirtaLocal Program visit the link VirtaLocal Program


To create services that support XVP to boost acceptability, popularity, and push up value, the VirtacoinPlus community has developed a mega marketplace know as VirtaCoinWorld where many services can be accessed across different platforms. Whether you want to request or offer services, buy or sell, trade cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies or directly to fiat currencies, book hotel reservations or flight tickets, all these and many other services can be found on VirtaCoinWorld.

VirtaCoinWorld enables transactions with other currencies, but the generally acceptable mode of payment irrespective of seller or country, is XVP. This means those offering services in VirtacoinWorld are only allowed to accept only USD and XVP, Pound and XVP, Naira and XVP etc. In other words, the only available payment options besides the currency chosen by the seller, is XVP. This also means if you want to buy a mobile phone from a seller who only accepts USD, if you don't have USD, the only option you can use is XVP. The XVP value is automatically adjusted to the price of the phone based on current market value of XVP. Sellers can then use the crypto2fiat exchange platform within VirtacoinWorld to convert their XVPs to their currency of choice.


The volume of XVP in circulation is not much, and with the VirtaLocal Program continuously increasing VirtacoinPlus user base, along with acceptance of XVP as the general alternative mode of payment in VirtacoinWorld, demand for XVP will surely increase which in turn, pushes value up.


There are also initiatives to make XVP accepted as a mode of payment by other businesses and service providers. With all these on ground, you can be sure of return in your investment with VirtacoinPlus.

Our goal is not to create an economy around VirtacoinPlus based on speculations, but an economy that is service based and people friendly so that everyone will be a winner. And that, is our major focus.
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