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What is VirtaCoin Plus?

VirtacoinPlus (XVP) is a digital currency developed to succeed where other cryptocurrencies are failing. It is a cryptocurrency created to change the lives of people all over the world through its VirtaLocal Program, and also to create a fast, secure, stable, and most acceptable alternative mode of payment for financial transactions in the world. Whether you are educated or not, an investor or service provider, whatever may be your reason for visiting this page, this is your opportunity to benefit from the ever growing cryptocurrency economy that created many millionaires since 2009.

Investing in VirtacoinPlus is extremely easy. Just follow these 3 Steps:

  • Create free account
  • Login to your account
  • Buy XVP using the currency of your choice
  • You can find out more information to help you get started.

    In case you are wondering why you should invest in VirtacoinPlus, here is why.

    VirtacoinPlus is set to push the boundaries in the cryptocurrency economy in no distant future. It was developed with the vision to excel where others are failing. Below are the 3 major goals of VirtaCoinPlus:
  • To create a fast, secure, stable, and most acceptable alternative cryptocurrency in the world
  • To create an equal opportunity for everyone in the world to benefit and as well, be part of the cryptocurrency revolution
  • To create an alternative platform for ease of business and transactions
  • Read more to see what we are doing to achieve above goals. Click link >>> Why You Should Invest In VirtacoinPlus

    The history of VirtaCoin Plus is quite interesting and dates back to September 2010. It started as a 'would be' online payment system like PayPal and it's like, with the name PayBox. A year later, it was then rebranded and renamed to VirtaPay. After the rebranding in 2011, about 3 years later the owners decided to convert it's whole system into​ a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and did so on July 1, 2014.
    After the successful conversion of VirtaPay to VirtaCoin in 2014, the new coin suffered lack of support by the developers which resulted to series of technical problems including the breaking of it's blockchain earlier in 2017. When efforts to fix the broken chain by the VirtaCoin community failed, the community decided to ply a new path by creating its own version of VirtaCoin known as VirtaCoin Plus (XVP). And that's it!


    TOTAL COIN: 100 Million coin cap.

    ALGO: X11 hashing algorithm

    BLOCK TIME: 1 minute

    DIFF. RETARGET: 15 blocks

    PREMINE: 9M XVP / 7.5M swapped / 1.5M burnt

    POW REWARD: 2.7 XVP per Block and reduces by 0.1 each year


    MINIMUM STAKE AGE: 24 hours

    MAXIMUM AGE: 1 year

    VirtaCoinPlus is supported by a vibrant and passionate global community determined to make it a global success!
    VirtaCoin Plus is more than just another crypto currency, there's so much you can do with it. Check service page for​ list of services that support VirtaCoinPlus.
    With the VirtaCoin Plus mobile wallet, feel the convenience of storing, receiving,and sending XVP in seconds with no time wasted. Download mobile wallet
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    VirtaCoinWorld is a multipurpose e-commerce marketplace where XVP is King. Whether you want to buy or sell, offer freelance services, book a hotel or flight ticket, trade XVP for fiat or other cryptocurrencies and more, VirtaCoinWorld has you covered! Visit VirtaCoinWorld
    VirtaCoin Plus can be traded or exchanged for other currencies. Check exchange page for list of exchanges where VirtaCoin Plus is traded.
    Time is precious, and VirtaCoin Plus has one of the fastest transaction speed in the world. You don't have to wait for minutes to send or receive payments.
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